29 June 2016

The Underground June Edition

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the underground




The Underground May Edition Of the Underground Only On Midlands Metalheads Radio
Playing All These Awesome Bands
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Hour 1

Delta Rhythm- Never Know,
Fallen Angels- Nightmare,
parallel minds- Into the Void,
Chiral My Temple- of Isolation,
Abhorrent Decimation -The Icon Of Loss,
Anguish Sublime- Thornwinged,
deadspace- The Promise Of Oblivion,

Hour 2

Grieving Mirth- Mille Facce,
Hoaxbane -Bloodshed,
In Twilight’s Embrace- The Grim Muse,
Khors -Trees Are Remembers,
My Wooden Pillow -The Line,
Nex -Slaves In The Name Of Law,
Pale From Sunlight- Love Was Never An Option,
Phased- Eternal Sleep,
show me wolves -The Lies Of His Sons,
watch them burn- The Day After,

Hour  3

Obzidian -Concrete Psychosis

01 Their Legacy Has Failed
02 Concrete Pyschosis
03 This is Fury
04 Symbiotics of Sickness
05 Preservation of the Wretched
06 Chaos Catalyst
07 Symmetry of Disorder
08 Embraced by Fear
09 We Suffered in Silence
10 Bringing Down the Walls
11 Paradigm Vortex
12 Vile

Obzidian Details