02 November 2015

WEAK 13 to release debut studio album – They Live – Nov 6th

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weak 13

The members of British three-piece band WEAK13 currently based in Birmingham and the BlackCountry, are excited to announce the launch of their debut studio album “They Live” on Friday November 6th 2015 at PLUG nightclub in Digbeth Birmingham. The album has been in production for the past three years and the band have been working with engineer John Stewart from Birmingham experimental prog metal band Eight Great Fears. Mastered by Henry Smithson who has worked for The Stereophonics, 2 Unlimited and the Foo Fighters; ‘They Live’ has been the largest project the band has undertaken.. All the music on the album was written by band founder Nick J.Townsend on main vocals and guitars, Wesley Smith on Bass guitar and Neel Parmar on drums/backing vocals.

“It’s taken a long time because we wanted to make a studio album with production on par with a good Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Nirvana or Foo Fighters record. Everything from studying guitar tones to searching for amplifiers with the correct valve sound for what we needed for each song were taken into account. It’s been quite a labour of love and all done on our own terms” (Wesley Smith)
In between writing and recording the eleven track album the band have found time to self produce and release three movie-like music videos “Joke”, “Sex Pest” and “Go Away”, to keep fans occupied which can be seen on YouTube. The band are already writing a follow up album to the one set for release in November.
“We know we have a good album; that’s why it was important we didn’t rush it. Engineer John Stewart has helped us create the WEAK13 album we’ve wanted to show people for years. This album reflects what the bands original sound was intended to be and will be forever more. We’re not playing a game” (Quote: Nick J.Townsend)
WEAK13 have chosen PLUG nightclub in Birmingham to launch their long awaited debut studio album. The band have decided to ensure that Midland film maker Thomas Lee Rutter will be filming during the event and footage may end up in the next WEAK13 music video.
Birmingham star DJ Pandora Rox known for her work at Eddies Rock Night at The Tunnel Club in Livery St, Birmingham will be providing a DJ set throughout the entire night to celebrate the album launch; playing a set of tunes from the bands career and songs from many of the bands who’ve worked with the band since it began in 1999.
The ‘They Live’  album will only be available on hard-copy to begin with and available to purchase at the WEAK13 album launch party held in Birmingham at PLUG nightclub opposite Digbeth coach station starting from at 9pm and ending at 3am on Friday November 6th 2015. Entry is £4. Alternatively people can pay £10 to enter and receive a free limited edition version of the album. An on-line edition will be announced at a later date after the Album launch party.
WEAK13 appear on the frontcover of the November issue of SLAP magazine. https://www.slapmag.co.uk/